The Purpose of "The Adventure Tribune"

By: The Adventure Tribune Team

The Adventure Tribune aims to make adventure accessible to all people by providing information about - and inspiration for - all of life's expeditions.

We define adventure as any journey that we make in life, whether physical, personal, or informational.

Physical adventure includes domestic/international travel, exploration in nature, and anything involving physical exertion. Hiking, fishing, skydiving, etc.

Personal adventure is determined by anything that forces a person to step outside of his or her comfort zone. This can be a physical adventure, or a mental challenge, like self-improvement, learning a new language, or exploring a new eating plan.

Informational adventure comes through the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about ourselves and the world around us. This comes in the form of reading about the history of a country, watching a documentary about a town across the world, or discovering the artistic process through which music is made.

Oftentimes, all three types of adventure overlap. Adventure is not meant to fit into a box; in fact, it is meant to push us outside of our comfort zones so that we may experience personal growth. 

Adventure is what we make it. Utilize The Adventure Tribune to help you find your adventure.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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