26 New Hobbies That Every Adventurer Should Practice

Every person has spare time; it’s how we use our spare time that counts. Some choose to spend five hours after work watching television; those are usually the people who say “I don’t have time for anything.”

Start by making a conscious effort about how you spend your spare time. Ensure that your spare time fosters a lifestyle geared toward adventure; therefore, new hobbies must develop intellect, push the limits of your comfort zone, and keep you active.

Here are 26 ideas to get you started:

1. Fishing
Fishing is one of the oldest methods for obtaining food. Though it takes much more skill than simply throwing a line into the water, it doesn’t require significant practice and upfront cost to enjoy the process. All you need is a cheap fishing pole, some line, and a lure. If you want to get into fly fishing, there's no easier and effective way than the traditional Japanese method of tenkara. So, grab your fishing gear and go explore some waterfront territory.

2. Snowboarding/Skiing
Though this hobby can cost a bit upfront, it will take you to areas of the world that you will never see otherwise. Of course, you'll need skis or a snowboard to begin. But, there’s no adventure like riding a chairlift to a 14,000-foot peak, absorbing the 360-degree view of the range, and then charging down the mountain with adrenaline fueling your every move.

3. Photography
This hobby can accompany you on any adventure. Capture your adventure moments in all their glory. Soon, the thought of simply photographing a certain location may drive you to actually visit the place. All you need is a smart phone. Upgrade to a lensed camera for some more intricate photography work.

4. Exercise
We’re not talking about a simple gym membership here. Utilize the world as your gym. Go for a run in a nearby forest or meadow and explore nature while jogging. The more confident you become in your fitness level, the more driven you’ll be to explore high-elevation hiking trails, or snowboard down a mountain face.

5. Writing
Though this creative outlet may not initially take you places, writing in a journal or creatively can fuel your adventurous spirit and charge you to explore the world. Or, simply visit a downtown coffee shop and write about the world around you. You’ll begin to notice things you would have otherwise ignored. Next thing you know, you'll have your first novel written.

6. Cooking
By consciously improving your culinary skills, you’ll begin to discover that food and culture relate to each other closely. You may want to investigate a certain culture’s cooking style and be inclined to visit. Also, you may chose a more natural focus and decide to explore nature as a means to fuel your cooking capacity.

7. Swimming
Swimming can prepare you for any adventurous situation. It’s good exercise. It will allow you to enjoy the adventure of swimming in a mountain lake, or the open ocean. Plus, you never know when you’ll need to participate in a triathlon. Get your goggles ready.

8. Reading Newspapers
This daily activity allows people to learn about the world around them without actually visiting every nook and cranny, though it will propel you to visit as many places as possible. Read international and local news to better your understanding of the world, so when you do visit a place, you’ll have some background knowledge.

9. Snowshoeing
This is a means of hiking in the winter. Backcountry exploration is fun, but seeing regular hiking trails covered in snow provides an alternately beautiful experience. So, get a group together, strap on your snowshoes, and trek through the snowy wilderness in the shadows of our ancestors.

10. Watch Soccer
By watching the world’s most popular sport, you’ll gain a deeper understanding about the passions of other cultures. By watching soccer regularly as a hobby, you’ll be a world sports culture expert when the World Cup and Olympics roll around.

11. Surfing
This ancient Hawaiian sport take years to master, but a short time to reach the point of enjoyment. Plus, as a surfer, you’ll find yourself gravitating toward pristine, uncharted beaches as means of adventure.

12. Reading Books
Much like reading the newspaper, reading books will enhance your perception of the world. Read years of ancient-to-modern wisdom as a means to better understand the world and the books that have influenced cultures throughout generations.

13. Knitting
During those down moments in our action-packed day, use knitting as a way to create your own clothing in order to shield you from the elements when you return to your winter adventures. Make your own scarves to fuel your energy to use it while snowshoeing.

14. Archery
This old-school hunting technique has regained popularity with characters like Katniss Everdeen. Channel your inner Hunger Games and visit an archery range to test your abilities.

15. Hiking
This hobby can gain momentum quickly. It begins as a short morning excursion, but it can lead to a desire to backpack for weeks through the wilderness. Plus, it has a low upfront cost and will allow you to see the world in a manner that’s off the beaten path. Read this for tips on hiking essentials.

16. Kayaking
Though kayaks can be expensive, renting one is not. Find a chill lake and cruise around, or test your abilities in a raging river. This hobby can be individual or provide opportunities for group activity. Plus, it’ll allow you to see landscapes that you would miss any other way.

17. Second Language
Learning a second (or third) language is difficult, but the rewards are incredible. Learn Spanish to propel a trip to Mexico or Spain. Learn Swahili and travel to Africa. The act of learning a new language will make you physically smarter and it will allow you to interact with an entirely new culture. Find out how to become fluent in one month.

18. Drawing
This introverted adventure allows you to creatively express the adventures you’ve already had, while fueling a desire to travel and explore further. When we create, we open ourselves up to critique, which is an adventure all its own. So, grab your sketch pad and get creative.

19. Hunting
Hunting enables you to channel your inner ancient human. By using hunting as a means to explore the world and get closer to animals through nature, you’ll gain an appreciation for the creatures on the planet and see some incredible views along the way.

20. Gardening
In ancient cultures, some people hunted, while some people farmed. By creating your own small-scale farm, you’re likely to find yourself engaged in the success of your veggies and you’ll be able to fuel your own nutritional habits as well. Grab your arsenal of gardening tools and start cultivating.

21. Woodworking
By creating wooden structures with your own two hands, you’ll gain an appreciation for the craft. Plus, it’s pretty cool to say that you made a certain piece of furniture instead of a simple purchase. Find the right piece of wood can take you deep into the woods on a purposeful adventure.

22. Longboarding
After making your own longboard while woodworking, take it to a wide open beachside road, or to the top of a hill, and begin your cruise. It’s a fun way to see some roadside viewpoints and it’s excellent exercise.

23. Rock Climbing
This hobby requires two things: learning new techniques and exploring new places. Begin at an indoor facility to cultivate safe techniques, then take your skills to real rock faces anywhere in the world.

24. Watch Documentaries
If you’re not able to visit an exotic location anytime soon, watch a documentary about it to learn as much as your can. So many documentaries are available for free, so if you’re sitting around watching television, at least use the time to enhance your intellect.

25. Cycling/Mountain Biking
Cycling allows you to exercise and see vast swaths of lands that you wouldn’t be able to appreciate from a car, while mountain biking enables you to do the same in uncharted territory.

26. Play Soccer
This activity propels you to exert physical activity while cooperating as a team. Take this newfound skill and travel anywhere in the world. Play a pickup game in Spain and meet people from all different cultures while bonding over one common goal.

That completes our list. There are unlimited options as to how we spend our free time. If you’d like to see another on our list, submit your own to


Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune and author of adventure novels, like Across Americana. He is based in Denver, Colorado, where he adventures through the Rocky Mountains while not traveling abroad.
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