Use Cardio Exercise to Fuel and Sustain Adventure

By: Tom Malone

I’ll be the first to admit it: I hate running. The thought of running without a purpose is a miserable experience. I begin a run with enthusiasm, dash out the front door at a near-sprint, and stop for breathe minutes into my ambitious 30-minute jog.

As miserable as running can be, cardio exercise has incredible benefits. It encourages lean muscle growth and fat burning. It helps your heart become more healthy (which is always a good thing). Running through a beautiful landscape can bring peace to your mind. One of the unseen benefits comes from the personal recognition of pushing yourself farther than you thought you could, which enhances your confidence.

In order to utilize cardiovascular exercise, you need to find purpose. Tell yourself that you run to lose weight, to prepare for an event, or simply to become more fit.

Oftentimes, people ignore cardio exercise because they despise running (like me); however, cardio exercise doesn’t mean running. Cardio exercise is anything that elevates the heart rate for an extended amount of time. Alternatives to running include: jumping rope, hiking, biking, jumping jacks, sprinting stairs, etc.

Utilize an adventurous mindset in order to enhance cardiovascular activity. Find a steeply inclined hike that you’ve never tried. Play soccer in a neighborhood recreational league. Do wall-sits while your read. Anything that elevates your heart rate counts!

Overall, cardio exercise will boost your energy levels, enhance your happiness through endorphin release, and raise your confidence by developing a fit body.

*Photo By; Tom Malone
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