Four Ways To Free Your Time And Space For Adventure

By: Tom Malone

Who has time to have adventures and escape on epic travel missions when there's so much other stuff to do? How can you possibly find time and space to actually have an adventure?

When you’re disorganized, you feel a significant amount of stress whether you realize it or not. Clutter around your house, car, and office subconsciously fill the brain with cluttered thoughts, which reflects in daily actions. That’s why it’s important to cultivate a lifestyle of organization.

When you’re organized, you know where important things are, obviously. This significantly reduces stress when you’re searching for your car keys when you’re running late for school or work.

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your bedroom? Remember that uplifting, accomplished feeling of looking at your work when you finished? Simply being around an organized environment will lead you toward a feeling of accomplishment and goal-orientation.

Overall, being organized helps with task management in your daily routine. When your material items are in their proper place (according to your definition), you’re more likely to focus on accomplishing tasks for work or school. And, you’ll accomplish these tasks more effectively and efficiently.

So, if you’re not organized already, where do you start? Here are four places to begin:

1.  Organize Your House

When attempting to foster an organized lifestyle, the house is the first place to begin. We spend most of our relaxation time in our house, so it’s necessary for that relaxation time to occur in a clutter-free place.

The main room (T.V. room, living room, etc.) needs to be organized for a few reasons. First, it’s where you spend the most time. Second, when guests arrive, they subconsciously (or consciously) judge you based on the neatness of this room. If this room is organized, you’ll feel more confident about the way in which your lifestyle is perceived.

The next room is the kitchen. Food and nutrition are essential parts of our daily routine that have an incredible impact on our happiness and confidence levels; however, when we’re in a hurry, we reach for the easy-to-find foods. Ensure that all your food (especially the nutritious kinds) are easily available. Also, cleanliness in the kitchen will improve your health by minimizing diseases.

Third, focus on your bedroom. It’s your own, personal, solitary place, so make sure it’s a place that evokes a stress-free aura. Freeing it of clutter will help.

Now, I’m not saying that your house has to be spotless and that all of your clothes need to be color-coded and your bookshelf needs to be organized according to author’s last name. That’s excessive. All I’m saying is that you should have a method to where things go in your own house.

When you know where things are, you’re more likely to complete a task efficiently. When your things are organized in a visually appealing manner, your mind feels a sense of accomplishment for putting them there.

2. Organize Your Car

Much like a house, we spend an excessive amount of time in our cars in modern society. Since surrounding ourselves with an organized environment produces a happy lifestyle, why not keep your car’s interior in pristine condition?

Keeping your car’s interior clean is relatively easy, especially compared to an entire home. The main components of the interior include: the driver’s side, the passenger’s side, the back seat, the trunk, and the glove compartment.

Maintaining an organized cockpit takes little effort. Ensure that each storage device (cup holder, center console, etc.) serves a purpose. Otherwise, remove any clutter, trash, and useless stuff from the area.

The same goes for the glove compartment. Keep important car information and frequently used objects like sunglasses in reach; otherwise, remove it.

The back seat tends to go unnoticed by the driver until a group needs a ride. Make sure that the back seat is reserved for passengers.

Lastly, keep the trunk organized. You can store more objects in it compared to the glove compartment, but make sure you know what’s in it.

Keeping an organized vehicle ensures that the time spent in your car will be clutter-free; thus, your car will serve as a place that promotes peace of mind. When you spend so much time in a place, make sure that it enhances your tranquil attitude.

3. Organize Your Files

When we open our laptops to utilize a digital file, some of us spend hours scouring through a mish-mash of ill-named folders and half-labeled documents in our attempts to surf our own digital organization. Change that!

The world grows more digital each day; therefore, strive to organize your digital life. This will provide you with a sense of stress relief that lasts. Honestly, organizing a disorganized digital area can prove tiresome, but once your organization system is in place, all you need to do is stick with it each time you create something new within your digital footprint. This will improve your efficiency and leave you with more time for leisure activities, which will make you happier.

To begin, place all written documents in the same folder. Then, label each document accordingly with an easy-to-find title. This helps for those situations when you’re looking for your tax files, but all you can find is the document entitled “XR7Q54P.docx”. Instead, label it “Tax File.docx”. Simple enough, huh?

Then, move to your photos. Maybe you want to compile all photos into one master photo file, and then section each photograph into subfolders based on the year, or event in which they were taken.

After that, ensure that each file type that you use is labelled easily and sectioned of into proper files. Using the computer's hard drive works well, as does a cloud compartment like Google Drive, which you can access from anywhere.

Overall, organizing your digital life will make those menial tasks much less stressful when it comes time to sit down and complete them.

4. Organize Your Daily Routine

By organizing your daily routine, you’ll become a well-oiled machine who projects confidence through efficiency. Now, don't’ get me wrong. I’m all for spontaneity, but a regimented routine to some degree will make your life much more productive.

Take exercise, for example. If you simply tell yourself that you’re going to exercise, you might do it here and there. But, if you tell yourself that you’re going to wake up each work/school day morning and do sit-ups, that will build into your daily routine.

Then, instead of telling yourself that you’re going to generally eat healthy, tell yourself that you’re going drink a glass of water each morning and follow it with a carrot. That will become a habit and part of a well-maintained healthy routine.

Set time at night to read one chapter in a book. Set five minutes in the morning to read a newspaper article. Set five minutes at night time to write in your journal. If they’re things you could easily throw by the wayside, add them to your daily routine and they’ll soon become a daily habit.

Organize certain things into your daily routine to ensure a positive, healthy lifestyle. When your routine is organized, you’ll find yourself accomplishing more things that you wouldn’t do otherwise.

When you accomplish short-term, daily goals, you feel more confident in your ability to do things. When these daily goals revolve around health, your body will physically feel better. If they revolve around finances, you’ll find yourself much more financially successful. When they revolve around knowledge, you’ll find yourself becoming more intelligent.

*Photo Credit: Tom Malone
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