How to Balance Technology and Natural Living

By: Tom Malone

In modern society, it seems easy to attach ourselves to technology at all times. Smartphones provide constant access to social media. Televisions provide consistent background noise. Car stereos blare radio advertisements and stream music from devices. Video game consoles allow us to escape from reality and they transport us to an alternate experience. Even books have adapted to a technological medium through e-readers.

As our lives grow more intimately interlocked with technological advancements, it’s easy to go about our daily routines with little thought of how technology affects our sense of optimistic confidence. A likely solution rests in the balance between the use of technology and our resistance to it.

First, we must examine our priorities for the use of technology in our daily routine. If we want to use technology to enhance our intellect, then use it primarily for that purpose; utilize newspaper apps, TED talks, and brain training games.

If we want to use it as a social enhancement tool, then ensure it’s used for actual enhancement. The danger with this comes when we’re in real social situations, but we rely primarily on our smart phones (texting and social media) and ignore the actual people around us.

Second, we must budget time consciously for our technological use. If we find ourselves too wrapped in our devices, we’ll lose sight of the physical world around us, which lowers self-esteem and self-awareness.

By growing dependent on technology (especially smartphones) for our entertainment and self-worth, we’ll find ourselves useless in real social situations and our optimism about the world that’s developed through life experience will suffer; therefore, we must be self-aware in terms of our technology usage in order to maintain a positive, confident lifestyle.

Photo By: Tom Malone
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