How To Make Extra Money To Travel In College

College is the perfect time to travel. You have essentially no commitments (except passing your classes). Your schedule will never be this free and open. But...

As a college student, you’re bogged down with looming student loans. You can barely afford to eat on the weekends, not to mention paying the infamous landlord’s skyrocketing rent. How are you supposed to travel and explore while you’re at it?

Never fear; The Adventure Tribune has your back. Here’s how you can supplement your travel income as a poor, starving college student:

1. Tutor (through the College)
Most colleges offer work-study programs in which you can tutor your fellow students. Sign up to be a tutor for student-athletes, or through your individual school, like the university writing center or the science department. For the most part, you can set your own schedule to free up time to travel.

2. Tutor (Privately)
By setting up your own clientele list of students, you can set your own schedule no matter what. Post flyers around campus, or spread your tutoring business by word of mouth or social media. Charge as much or as little as you want. You’d be surprised how much some college students are willing to pay to succeed.

3. Participate in Science Experiments
Check with your school’s science departments and see if they will pay you to be a subject in a study. For example, some universities pay more than $20 per hour if you are willing to take part in a psychology experiment. With cash in hand, you’re on your way to a new adventure and you helped the world through research.

4. Participate in Surveys
Many schools have marketing or advertising programs that pay handily for people to participate in market research surveys and studies. Some universities partner with outside companies who can pay nearly $100 per hour just to hear what you have to say about the habits you have with your smart phone usage. Most pay cash. Check with your marketing, business, and journalism schools.

5. Charge for Parking
If you live in a house or have access to parking spaces in a prime location, charge money for people to use your spot. During football games or major track events, people will pay $20 to $30 per day just to park near the event. Use your location to gain a few extra dollars to travel for the weekend.

6. Become an Editor
Nearly every college student writes papers on a frequent basis. Market your services as a copy editor and charge a small fee. Build your clientele list and start racking up the extra cash.

7. Work for the School Paper
Most colleges and universities have a campus newspaper. Become a writer, marketing person, or designer for the paper and you’ll acquire some much-needed cash and real-life work experience that could lead to a future job.

8. Become A Personal Trainer
Obtaining your personal training license is relatively easy to do. Acquire it and market yourself as a personal trainer throughout campus and charge a small fee. Use the school gym (which you can use for free) and build a clientele list that will continue to grow.

9. Sell Books
Textbooks are a hot commodity on college campuses. Buy used books from Amazon or other online book dealers for a low price, and then sell them back to the university bookstore for more money. Or, Purchase used books that you know future students will need, and then sell them to students at a lower cost than the school bookstore will charge.

10. Become a Designated Driver
Offer your services as a designated driver. Create business cards and make sure your price is well-enforced. Give up a Friday night and make some serious cash.

11. Be an Adventure Leader
If you’re passionate about adventure in your college area, charge a small fee and assemble a group to take on adventure tours, whether that’s rafting, hiking, cycling, or any other adventure that lies within your college town.


Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune and author of adventure novels, like Across Americana. He is based in Denver, Colorado, where he adventures through the Rocky Mountains while not traveling abroad.
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