Seven Ways To Increase Adventure Through Nutrition Habits

Fostering an adventurous, exploration-oriented lifestyle requires nutritious eating habits.

By maintaining a nutritious diet, your body intakes necessary vitamins and minerals that it needs in order to produce necessary chemical processes, many of which produce endorphins that lead to happiness and confidence. Sounds like middle school health class, right?

In addition, eating a balanced diet causes your body to erase unnecessary fat, while enhancing lean, muscle-building proteins. And, let’s be honest, body image in today’s society has a direct impact on each person’s confidence.

Nutrition is the single most important factor when it comes to a healthy body. You can exercise all you want, but if you continue to eat deep-fried Twinkies, you’ll feel sluggish and you’ll be unhappy with who you see in the mirror.

Healthy eating requires a lifestyle shift. Sure, you probably order a salad when you eat dinner at Applebee’s, but what does it really mean to eat a nutritious diet?

Here are seven ways to implement nutrition into your daily routine:

1. Vegetables

When we were kids, our parents told us to eat our vegetables. We’d fuss and fight about eating the last broccoli tree on our plate. We’d throw our forks on the ground and stomp our feet before we would ultimately cave in and force ourselves to stomach the disgusting, green, vegetable that would release us from the dinner table.

For a lot of us, that fight against vegetables hasn’t changed much. In order to live a more nutritious lifestyle (thus, a more confident lifestyle), our attitude toward the vegetable needs some adjustment.

Vegetables provide our bodies with all-natural vitamins and minerals, unlike the vitamin supplements that many people use to justify their lack of vegetables in their daily routine. Vegetables contain necessary fibers that fuel a strong body, which, in turn, fosters confidence.

Also, vegetables take the place of “those snacks”. You know, the snacks with no nutritional value, with high amounts of trans fat, and a ridiculous salt content. Instead of eating a whole bags of potato chips, why not eat carrots and hummus? Instead of eating an entire bags of Skittles in one sitting, why not eat slices of bell peppers? (They come in different colors naturally and you can chop them small enough to look like Skittles).

By substituting your junk food cravings for vegetables, you eliminate empty calories (caloric intake that provides no nutritional value). You fuel your hunger cravings with food that will genuinely make your body feel and look better, which will enhance your overall confidence.

2. Protein (Not the Powder)

When you think protein, you may imagine a massive jug of powder that every gym member mixes with their water. Does protein come from a carton? No. Protein comes from eating natural foods, like meats, beans, dairy, and fish.

So, how can eating natural protein build confidence, you ask? Protein builds muscle. The more lean protein you eat, the more lean muscle you’ll build. The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn. When you have a lean, muscular body, you’re likely to possess more confidence.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the chalky protein powder and visit the gym every day for two hours to attain a body that will enhance your confidence. That sounds like a lot of work. Eating lean meats, drinking a small amount of milk, and eating beans will provide your body with the proper balance of protein that it needs to regenerate muscle.

As with vegetables, when your body has healthy fuel, you’ll feel much better, which promotes an optimistic demeanor, which leads to confidence. Really, it’s all cause-and-effect. Over time, eating healthy, natural protein can become part of your daily habit, which will allow you to grow slowly into a more confident lifestyle.

So, visit your local fish market or butcher shop and begin your quest toward feeling healthy.

3. Water (Not Crystal Light)

The human body is literally made of water, so why do we consistently fuel it with high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and colored dye? Drinking water will make you feel more confident in multiple facets of your daily routine.

By drinking water, you’ll feel hydrated. When you’re walking around in the heat or exercising after work, you’ll feel better. You can run longer, work harder, and think faster by fueling your body with water rather than soda. Sugary drinks may spark your mind for a while, but the sugar crash brings you down lower than you were before you drank it. Fueling your body with water gives you a sustained, natural alertness.

Those water substitutes don’t count as water, either. The water that flows from mountain streams contain no sugar, colored dye, or anything else that’s made in a laboratory. Water is pure and it should taste that way.

If someone told you that they had a magic potion that would make you feel smarter, more fit, and feel healthy, you would drink it. Well, there’s good news, folks! That potion has been around since Day One: water.

When you feel smarter and healthier, you feel more confident. It’s that simple. Our body needs water. Give the people what they want!

4. Fruits

As with vegetables, fruits possess a love-hate relationship with the American food habit. We tell ourselves that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, yet most of our sugar intake comes from candy and soda.

Our craving for sugar that has been so ingrained in our bodies through the past five centuries that we need to address it somehow. The answer comes in the form of fruit, which contains natural, simple sugars that fuel our bodies with energy without creating the devastating sugar crash that plagues our 2:00 p.m. work/school day.

With natural sugary treats that grow from trees, we don’t need to eat our feeling with candy and sweet, baked goods (though everything in moderation is acceptable). Fruits give our bodies energy to power through our day, while providing us with necessary vitamins and minerals that fuel our bodies’ strengths.

So, how does fruit relate to confidence? In short, fruit provides us with a natural alternative to sugary snacks, to those sugary treats that give us empty calories and an inescapable sugar crash. Fruits give our bodies energy; with energy, we are able to express our lively personalities that draw the attention of others in a positive manner.

No one wants to be labeled as the low-energy person who sits in the corner and doesn’t talk (which is a direct result of too many fake, sugary snacks). By utilizing natural sugar, we can maintain an energetic personality all day long, thus brightening our mood and taking us one step closer to a confident lifestyle.

5. Snacks

Snacks have the potential to kill any healthy eating regiment. Or, snacks can add to your confident demeanor by encouraging self-control.

On the negative side, snacks can fill your body with fabricated sugar and high fructose corn syrup, which promote sugar crashes, drops in energy levels, and weight gain. All of these side effects of snacks will lower confidence levels, which lead to an unhappy lifestyle. Snacks with these side effects include candy, chips, sugary cereal, etc.

On an optimistic note, snacks have the ability to brighten your mood, promote muscle building and fat loss, and promote natural body processes; all of these effects encourage a confident aura.

Now, finding snacks that provide confidence can take some effort, especially in today’s society of high-profile advertisements for sugary foods by major corporations. The key is making snacks yourself.

Utilize fruits, vegetables, and nuts to fuel your snack fury. Research ways in which to cook and prepare these miracles of nature so that you can eat them as deliciously as possible. If a snack is natural, it will promote healthy nutrition, which will further your pursuit of becoming a more confident, happy person.

6. What to Avoid

Certain foods can lead to lower confidence levels. What foods, you ask? All the ones that taste too good to be true.

First, avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup. The lab-processed ingredient lingers in soda, candy, chips, and everything else that tastes “magically delicious”. This ingredient provides no nutritional value and adds empty calories that enhance weight gain, which drops confidence instantly.

Second, avoid unnecessary sugar. Again, soda, cereal, and juice (cocktail) contain ridiculous amounts of sugar, which spikes energy levels for a limited timeframe, and then drops energy levels to devastating depths. Without a sustained high energy level, confidence drops.

Third, avoid gluten when possible. Wheat itself isn’t bad for the human body, but research finds that most of today’s wheat is genetically modified. When genetically modified wheat enters the body, the body struggles to break down the enzymes, which results in confusion of body processes, furthering drops in confidence levels.

In short, avoid any food that isn’t natural. Strive to eat a wide variety of natural fruits, vegetables, and proteins, while ensuring plenty of water intake.

7. Make It a Habit

Spending one day eating fruits, vegetables, and steak will promote healthy body functions and a more confident persona; spending the next five days eating fast food will kill confidence levels and destroy any sense of happiness that one healthy day brought. Therein lies the key to a confidence-building diet: habit.

In order to foster a confident lifestyle, nutritious eating must happen regularly. Over time, the body will recognize the benefits of constant nutrition. Over time, the body will shred unnecessary fat (yes, some fat is necessary). Over time, the body will strengthen and lengthen muscles, and clear the mind. All of these factors contribute to a positive body image and will lead to sustained confidence.

Now, I’m not saying that you can never eat Taco Bell again. The general mantra is everything in moderation. Certified nutritionists describe the 18:21 philosophy: with three meals per day over seven days per week, you’ll eat 21 total meals. If 18 of the 21 meals are completely healthy, you’ve created a successful, nutritious eating habit.

The power of habit is amazing. Whether it takes 21 days or longer to instill a habit, the point of habit formation is to continue to do something day after day. Eventually, you won’t have to think about it because the habit will be so ingrained in your daily routine. That’s the goal of confidence-building nutrition. Reach the point of automaticity with eating well, at least 18 out of 21 meals. With each day of healthy eating, confidence levels will steadily rise.

*By: Tom Malone
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