Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

By: Tom Malone

Bottom line: this is my favorite cliche phrase. It applies to so many aspects of life and it truly does have the power to enhance your confidence through positive experience.

At some point or another, we all find ourselves stuck in the same routine where we don’t venture beyond our usual habits. We eat at the same restaurants. We watch the same television shows. We vacation to the same place. So, if there’s so much to learn about and explore in this world, why not adventure boldly into areas that we’ve never experienced?

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be simple. Maybe you always go out to eat at hamburger places; venturing outside your comfort zone could mean trying a Vietnamese restaurant one night. Through this, you’ll discover whether or not you liked Vietnamese food and you might learning something about Vietnamese culture in the process.

Maybe you spend your Saturdays inside watching football (absolutely nothing wrong with that). But, say one Saturday you decide to step outside of your comfort zone and you go downtown to the local art museum. You’ll spend a few hours learning about artists from around the world and you’ll feel much more cultured when you leave. You never have to go back to the museum, but the fact that you branched out and tried it will prove invaluable to your intellect.

The best experiences come from stepping outside your comfort zone in a bold way. If you’re scared of heights, conquer your fear by jumping off of a 40-foot cliff into the ocean. Instead of your usual family vacation, travel to a festival in Brazil. Spend one Saturday and go skydiving. Take on a leadership role at work/school that involves public speaking. After these unforgettable experiences, you’ll feel so confident in your ability to face fears, tackle challenges, and thrive in uncomfortable situations that you’ll find yourself walking with your head held a little higher.

By stepping outside of your comfort zone often, whether in grand or small ways, you’ll collect life experiences that will expedite your way toward wisdom through living. You’ll possess so much life experience that you’ll be able to provide wisdom for future generations.

Photo By: Tom Malone
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