Update Your Daily Routine to Provide Bits of Adventure Each Day

By: Tom Malone

By updating your daily routine, you consistently find small ways to step outside of your comfort zone, thus enhancing your optimistic confidence. Although a routine is necessary in order to attain a productive and confident lifestyle, it’s also necessary to update your routine on occasion.

For example, when you drive to work or school each morning, the route seems pre-programmed. In fact, it is. The pathways in our brain are so ingrained to take that particular route that the action of driving to that place is nearly mindless; however, if you change any aspect of that route, your brain will physically change, thus enhancing your brain’s cognitive functions. You’ll find yourself enhancing your own confidence with a simple change of path.

Think about this on a grander scale. What if, instead of coming home each night to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you traveled downtown into the city and stopped at a food truck. Not only would you change your brain’s cognitive activity, but you would allow yourself the opportunity to explore another culture through culinary endeavors.

Think about how your day would improve if you decided to wake up each morning and exercise for 20 minutes? When people ask you how you day is going, you can respond with confidence because you updated your routine to improve your physical and mental health.

Shifting a small part of your routine even just for one day, physically changes your brain’s pathways and it allows you to realize that you don’t need to live in a rut. Also, you’ll begin to explore areas that you never would have unless you decided to update your routine.

Throwing a wrench in things every once in awhile isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, it’s quite encouraged.

Photo By: Tom Malone
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