How Adventurous Exploration Can Build Confidence

By: Tom Malone

The act of adventure will bring new experiences that have the capacity to shape your character,values, and perspective. By making active attempts to explore the world around you, you’re guaranteed to expand your comfort zone and, as a result, your optimistic confidence.

Adventure requires one thing: movement from your daily routine. In order to explore, you must adventure toward some place about which you don’t have a thorough understanding.

You can travel to an exotic location, like South America, South Asia, or Europe in order to explore lands and cultures that you’ve never experienced. This will allow you to practice foreign languages, eat unexpected foods, and encounter people that will teach you about different worldviews. By completing adventures like this you’ll feel confident in your ability to communicate and interact with people of other cultural backgrounds.

However, adventures don’t have to be exotic. You can have a daytime adventure into an unexplored neighborhood in your own state or your own city. You can eat at a restaurant that’s out of your comfort zone. You can meet people that you regularly wouldn’t encounter.

The act of adventure provides you with opportunities to expand your comfort zone, your intellect, and your ability to recognize the value in other cultures. So, get up, get out, and go explore the world!

Photo By: Tom Malone
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