Learning to Fish Guarantees Outdoor Adventure

By: Tom Malone

Fishing is one of the oldest skills in human history; most ancient civilizations began near water, which provided ancient civilians with drinking water, irrigation, and (you guessed it) fish. There are plenty of reasons why fishing is a skill that survives and thrives in today’s cultures. The skill (or art) of fishing provides both tangible and intangible benefits and it’s easy to learn.

First, you need to acquire fishing equipment. Now, advanced anglers will tell you that you need a ridiculous amount of gear in order to become a master fisherman; however, mastery is not what we’re after here (at least not yet).

All you need is a simple fishing rod, line, weights (split shot), and a hook/lure. You can acquire this gear at any local sporting goods store, along with the required fishing license. You can purchase these items inexpensively at first and you rarely have to repurchase anything if you don’t want to (except for lures).

Second, you need to find some water with a solid supply of fish. Bring some snacks, tie your lure to your fishing line, and fling the lure into the water. It’s literally that simple.

Don’t expect to catch a fish on your first cast (or your first day, for that matter). The beauty of fishing comes with the environment in which it brings you. You’re interacting with nature in a peaceful, tranquil manner. You’re alone with your own thoughts and you’re focusing on one, simple, timeless task: casting your line into the water.

If you actually catch a fish, then you can bring it home and grill it and impress your friends with the fish that you caught all by yourself.

At The Adventure Tribune, we use a combination of reel rods and fly fishing rods. Recently, we've discovered a traditional Japanese technique of fly fishing from Tenkara USA that is (surprisingly) extremely easy to learn and set up.

The act of fishing forces you to explore mostly uncharted areas of the wilderness, which allows you to harness your sense of adventure in nature. You can’t fish from your couch.

Bring your friends, or travel alone. Either way, you’ll continue to develop intricacies that work for you. The skill of fishing will follow you into old age and it is a skill that will provide lifelong optimistic confidence.

Photo By: Tom Malone
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