Make A Habit Out Of Exercise

By: Tom Malone

As with any lifestyle change, the key to success lies with turning the change into a habit. When exercise becomes part of your ingrained daily routine, you’ll find success with your personal confidence.

The biggest excuse for failing to exercise is “not having enough time.” The bottom line is this: everyone has enough time to exercise (spend 20 minutes less on Facebook to gain your 20 minutes to exercise). You don’t need to spend four hours per day at the gym to exercise. You don’t even need a gym membership if the gym isn’t your style.

Instead of spending an extra 20 minutes sleeping in the morning, wake up and do push-ups, lunges, and sit-ups. You may think that sleeping a bit longer will boost your energy for the day, but exercising for 20 minutes in the morning will increase your energy much more. And it will enhance your confidence for the long haul.

More importantly, if you do this routine for a few weeks, it will become a habit. Then you won’t have to think about it and you won’t talk yourself out of motivation. You’ll just do it (thanks, Nike).

If you’re not a morning person, find time at lunch or after work/school to exercise. The most important factor is to create a routine time to exercise each day. The more you exercise during this timeframe, the easier the act of actually exercising will become.

Small lifestyle changes will help increase your fitness and confidence through habits. Walk instead of drive. Stand at your desk instead of sit. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Small details like these will boost your habit of exercising.

When exercise becomes a routine part of your day, you’ll feel the long-term effects. You’ll become stronger. You’ll gain more cardiovascular stamina. Most importantly, you’ll generally feel better, which means you’ll feel much more confident. When exercise becomes a habit, you’ll see a lifestyle shift: welcome to an adventurous lifestyle.

Photo By: Nikki Marshall
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