Make A Habit Out Of Nutrition

By: Tom Malone

Spending one day eating fruits, vegetables, and steak will promote healthy body functions and a more confident persona; spending the next five days eating fast food will kill confidence levels and destroy any sense of happiness that one healthy day brought. Therein lies the key to a confidence-building diet: habit.

In order to foster an adventurous lifestyle, nutritious eating must happen regularly. Over time, the body will recognize the benefits of constant nutrition. Over time, the body will shred unnecessary fat (yes, some fat is necessary). Over time, the body will strengthen and lengthen muscles, and clear the mind. All of these factors contribute to a positive body image and will lead to sustained confidence.

Now, I’m not saying that you can never eat Taco Bell again. The general mantra is everything in moderation. Certified nutritionists describe the 18:21 philosophy: with three meals per day over seven days per week, you’ll eat 21 total meals. If 18 of the 21 meals are completely healthy, you’ve created a successful, nutritious eating habit.

The power of habit is amazing. Whether it takes 21 days or longer to instill a habit, the point of habit formation is to continue to do something day after day. Eventually, you won’t have to think about it because the habit will be so ingrained in your daily routine. That’s the goal of confidence-building nutrition. Reach the point of automaticity with eating well, at least 18 out of 21 meals. With each day of healthy eating, confidence levels will steadily rise.

When nutrition becomes a habit, you’re more likely to seek out intellectual pursuits and outdoor adventures that require steady energy. This will allow you to experience the world it was meant to be experienced: off the couch and out of your comfort zone.

Photo By: Tom Malone
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