15 U.S. Bars You Must Visit This Year

Summertime is here and that means one thing is certain: travel. Those of us over 21 seek cool, unique watering holes to visit during our adventures through new cities and towns.

The qualifications for our list included: bars we’ve actually been to, unique bar environment, adventures located near the bar, drink variety, and location within the country. Here are the 15 bars you must visit on your adventures across the country this year:

1. McSorley’s Old Ale House
New York City, New York
Founded in 1854, McSorely’s is New York’s oldest Irish pub and (arguably) The City’s oldest continuously operating saloon. The bar features two beers: light and dark. It contains relics from a century and a half of New York City’s history: a ticket to the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge, wishbones from World War I and II soldiers who never returned to claim them, and photos of the bar’s most famous patrons. Abraham Lincoln and John Lennon visited the bar, and so should you.

2. City Tavern
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Built in 1773, the tavern served Founding Fathers: Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, and Paul Revere. Before and after the First Continental Congress sessions, these Founding Fathers would stop at City Tavern to discuss politics and formulate the ideas that eventually manifested into the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independance, and the U.S. Constitution.

3. Green Russell
Denver, Colorado
This speakeasy sits below the streets of Denver. After entering through the freezer door facade, you’ll sit in a dimly lit brick basement and experience true cocktail craftsmanship in the pre-Prohibition style. These bartenders are more drink artists than servers.

4. Multnomah Whiskey Library
Portland, Oregon
The old Portland building has a new tenant. With massive bookshelves full of every style of whiskey possible, the Multnomah Whiskey Library is the place for any whiskey drinker. Relax in leather armchairs, read some Ernest Hemingway novels, and sip on the world’s finest selection of whiskey. Make sure to call ahead.

5. Pantana Bob’s
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Near University of North Carolina, Pantana Bob’s is the place to enjoy a cold beer outside. With the intense humidity and heat of the South in the summer, you’ll need to spend some time relaxing on the massive outdoor deck that Pantana Bob’s provides.

6. The Warehouse
Savannah, Georgia
The Warehouse is a simple bar that requires a visit. Located on the shores of the Savannah River and built in a two-century-old warehouse, the bar allows you to order, sit, and walk around outside with your drink in hand in old Georgia while you look across the river to South Carolina. Plus, the beer selection is pretty solid.

7. White Eagle
Portland, Oregon
The old bar served Portland’s roughneck dock workers since its opening in 1908. The backroom poker games, the Prohibition speakeasy, and operator of Shanghai Tunnels lasted through Portland’s most notorious days as a city of the Wild West. Now owned by the McMenamin brothers, the haunted White Eagle is a must-see bar for quality ORegon craft brews, delicious pub food, and historical/haunted ambiance.

8. Metals Sports Bar
Butte, Montana
Located in an old Wild West bank, Metals Sports Bar serves the best steak in Butte, along with local Montana beer. Find the table in the old bank safe and experience a bar like you’ve never seen.

9. Pete’s Tavern
San Francisco, California
Before a San Francisco Giant’s baseball game, there’s no other place you need to go than Pete’s Tavern. The service is unbeatable, the atmosphere is electric, and the drinks are poured well. It’s prime location across the street from AT&T Park makes it the perfect place to grab a drink before a Giants game.

10. Kieran’s Irish Pub
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Visit Kieran’s before a Minnesota Twins game in the summer. Sit on the deck, sip an Irish red ale, and watch the crowds roll into Target Field. It’s the ideal place to enjoy the pre-game festivities on any day of the week.

11. Breckenridge Brewery
Denver, Colorado
Breckenridge Brewery acquired a massive farm in South Denver and turned it into a multi-building brewery experience. Sit in the wood-enclosed barn and drink beer brewed behind the barn, or step outside and play some summer games while you drink. When the sun goes down, sit by the fire and enjoy some of the Mile High City’s best beer.

12. Rhein Haus
Seattle, Washington
Located near Seattle University, Rhein Haus features an authentic German feel with an American twist. Play bocce ball indoors while enjoying authentic German and Austrian beer that you won’t find anywhere outside of Oktoberfest.

13. The Salty Dog
Beaufort, South Carolina
Enjoy a local South Carolina brew on the shores of the bayou in the shadow of the small town where Forrest Gump was filmed. Aside from the beer, it’s necessary to order traditional southern cuisine: hush puppies, low-country boil, and fried okra.

14. Ivy Inn
Princeton, New Jersey
Sit on the deck and order a martini while you overlook Princeton University. Bask in the footsteps of some of the most educated people our country has ever seen and watch the future of America stroll to and from their classes.

15. Moab Brewery
Moab, Utah
After experiencing the Adventure Capital of the U.S., visit the Moab Brewery, located in the center of the small town. Sit at the bar and surround yourself with kayaks, mountain bikes, and parachutes while you sip on a wide variety of beer styles brewed near Arches National Park.

That completes our current list; wait for updated lists to come. If we missed your favorite spot, let us know.
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