Four Keys To A Successful Road Trip

By: Tom Malone

Each road trip is unique. The experience changes based on your destination, spontaneous happenings, and travel companions. I've been on quite a few vehicular journeys lately and I've come to a conclusion. Every road trip can be enhanced by preparation in a few areas. Here we go:

1. Snacks
A wise snack choice can fill up hours of idle car time. Choose poorly, and you will be disappointed as your snack quickly disappears. Bags with plenty of small pieces are a safe bet. Chips, Oreos, M&M's. Sunflower seeds bring a whole new element to the car snack discussion, serving as a snack and activity (a "snacktivity", if you will). Candy bars, though delicious, disappear in a hurry and are tough to share with fellow travelers. The more snacks you have to offer, the more generosity you will receive from fellow road trip snackers.

2. Entertainment
Technology brings a ridiculous buffet of car entertainment options to any road trip. A well-organized iPod playlist with carefully selected songs can liven the mood significantly, while poor music choices can cause a DJ mutiny. Audiobooks provide hours of storytelling fun and leave the car passengers feeling enlightened and informed. Laptops, iPads, and backseat movie screens place the comfort of a home movie theater in the car (though not ideal for weak-stomached passengers). Question-and-answer games, like "Would You Rather", or the "License Plate" game, have the potential to provide hours of fun and hilarious discussion.

3. Stopping Point Activities
Unless you road-trip to your neighborhood grocery store, you will have to make a pit stop at some point along the way. Bring a football or soccer ball to play with while the car fills with fuel. Get your muscles moving and your blood flowing so you're fresh when you return to the road. Grab a snack (choose wisely). Take a lap around the block. Have a conversation with the most interesting person you can find. Make your stops snappy and effective to maximize your stretch time without sacrificing precious travel minutes.

4. In-Car Comfort
No matter what type of vehicle you and your travel mates decide to use, you're bound to get uncomfortable. Bring a large pillow for maximum comfort, though it could take up potentially valuable car space. Small pillows save room, but lack widespread comfort. Blankets can drastically enhance your in-car sleeping ability, but they trap heat and take up space. Taking off your shoes eliminates unnecessary foot restrictions. Wearing sandals allows for a quick exit during pit stops.

These strategies work well for us during our road trip adventures. If you have any more tips, feel free to share!

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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