How Can Generosity Provide Adventure?

By: Tom Malone

Generosity is a time-honored value; examples of human generosity arise in nearly every culture’s historical books. There’s a reason for that: generosity provides our lives with happiness. We can be generous with two main assets: money and time.

When we’re generous with our money, we tend to donate to a worthwhile cause. You may donate $20 to your city’s local baseball team fundraiser, or to your local soup kitchen. What does that small, $20 donation give you? Peace of mind.

A more effective, useful donation comes from volunteering your own time and skills. If you’re an expert carpenter, maybe you donate three hours every Sunday toward building homes for a nearby impoverished neighborhood. Maybe you volunteer as a coach for the local soccer team three nights per week without pay.

Donating your time provides you with so many benefits. When you donate your time as a volunteer builder, you hone your skills, meet grateful people, and spend your time doing something you love. When you donate your time as a coach, you meet fun individuals, spend time teaching a sport that you love, and you’re able to be outside to exercise and further your own health.

When you strive to be generous, you’ll find that the benefits you receive in return will not be monetary, but these benefits will undoubtedly enhance your happiness levels.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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