To Fund Adventurers, Save Money for Specific Purposes

By: Tom Malone

Benjamin Franklin stated, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” As cliche as that statement has become in today’s modern culture, there’s a reason everyone knows it: it’s true.

Everybody vows to save more money with every paycheck, but how many of us actually do? Saving money needs to become a habit, not an exception. With a few simple tricks, you can can shift your mindset toward saving money (see here).

The act of saving money comes from making many small-yet-significant changes to our daily routine. These small changes will build up toward an attainable goal of saving more money that we can utilize for any possible adventure.

If you stop by a coffee shop every single morning and spend $3 on a mocha, you’ll spend $21 per week, $84 per month, and $1,008 per year. While $84 per month may not seem like much, you could spend $8 per month on ground coffee at the store and make your own Cup of Joe each morning. Saving $1,000 per year will add up.

Cooking meals at home instead of going to a restaurant or ordering take-out each night will save tons of money. Plus, cooking at home is healthier for you, which will save on long term health costs, along with increasing your general happiness levels.

Simple lifestyle changes like these will help you stick to a realistic budget and help you save money each month which will further your sense of confidence in your financial security.

Now, you can focus on aspects of life that further your happiness instead of worrying about money.

Photo By: Tom Malone
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