Find A Hobby that Fosters an Adventurous Lifestyle

By: Tom Malone

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A major difference between human culture and that of any other living creature is this: we have leisure time. How can we utilize this leisure time to enhance our confidence, happiness, and optimism? Find a hobby, of course.

So many people spend their leisure time watching television and playing video games. Now, I’m not saying that either of these activities are inherently wrong, but I am saying that they should be enjoyed in moderation. When finding a hobby, make sure it’s something that is worthwhile and that has a tangible result. (While beating a video game might seem cool at the time, you actually accomplished nothing real.)

Select a hobby that does one (or all) of these things: promotes physical health, stimulates your mind, or makes the world a better place.

By pursuing a hobby that promotes physical health (hiking, exercise, cycling, rock climbing, etc.), we’re able to bring exercise into our daily routine while learning a new skill. This produces happiness through endorphins while enhancing confidence through the attainment of a new talent or pursuit.

When pursuing a hobby that stimulates your mind (chess, trivia, reading, writing, etc.), we’re able to enhance our intellect as part of our daily routine. As our confidence in our intellect grows, so will our confidence in our ability that we mastered a new skill and hobby.

Through the pursuit of a hobby that makes the world a better place (volunteering, coaching, building, woodworking, etc.) we find happiness in providing for those in need through generosity, while enhancing our confidence in our ability to master a new skill.

Overall, the act of choosing a hobby requires some analysis of our own goals, talents, and resources. Pursuing a hobby will build your confidence levels by simply getting better at that hobby during each attempt. The tangible result of that hobby will fill your life with happiness.

If you're looking for a new adventure hobby, select from our list of 26 Hobbies That Every Adventurer Should Practice.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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