Fresh Piranha Graces The Tropical Honduran Menu

By: Tom Malone

The tropical blue salt water splashed as I hopped off the front of the boat. The sand felt warm underneath my bare feet. The sun warmed the small Honduran beach getaway and the nearby jungle.

Our small group sat on  white sand, awaiting an authentic Honduran feast. We gathered around a large wooden table, using the beach as our natural seat. The air smelled like Caribbean Sea and open-flame cooking.

Behind us, the palm trees and jungle vegetation unveiled wild monkeys and blue crabs. We cruised through a makeshift jungle pathway to explore for a bit before returning to our natural beachfront dining room.

Lunchtime finally arrived. Our freshly caught piranhas steamed with heat after they finished cooking on the fire. I bit into the delicate fish, avoiding the infamous razor-sharp teeth. Surprisingly, the piranha tasted a bit like chicken. I even tried an eyeball (that didn’t taste like chicken at all).

We ate fresh mango from  nearby plants. The sun hung high in the clear blue sky, begging us to take a post-lunch nap. The hot sand bed made that easy enough.

The speedboat, our only means of transportation back to the city of Tela, served as the only reminder of civilization in my view. Jungle, beach, and ocean surrounded us. No roads, no wires, no homes. Our use of immediate, natural resources for food and entertainment brought me a little closer to nature, to that innate human connection with the surrounding world. And the food was great!

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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