Generosity with Your Ideas Enhances Intellectual Adventure

By: Tom Malone

The world progresses through the act of sharing ideas; through idea sharing, we learn about ourselves and others, which enhances our perspectives and increases our confidence levels. How, you ask?

When we share our ideas with another person of the same cultural and socioeconomic background, our ideas are affirmed, which allows us to validate our own thought processes. This makes us recognize that our ideas are worthwhile and it boosts our levels of confidence in our overall intelligence.

When we share ideas with someone with a varied cultural and socioeconomic background from our own, true creativity occurs. Though our ideas may not be validated, they are challenged, which forces us to do one of two things: reinforce our ideas or view the issue from another perspective.

By defending our ideas with evidence, logic, and emotion, we allow someone else to view the world through our perspective. We reinforce our own ideas and challenge our own intellect through respectful debate.

By listening to someone express their ideas, we can allow ourselves to view the world through their perspective. When we take someone else’s viewpoint into account, we make ourselves more intelligent and well-rounded while recognizing that we’re not always correct. This transforms potential arrogance into confidence.

By sharing our ideas, we allow the world to experience dialogue. When the world communicates (even on a small scale), we allow ourselves to more accurately discover our value within the world community. We can teach people anything, and we can be taught much more. The act of generosity through idea-sharing promotes synergy, intellects, and self-worth.

Photo By: Tom Malone
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