Roosevelt National Forest Provides Nuanced Tranquility

By: Tom Malone

The sun rose over a still Dowdy Lake in Roosevelt National Forest. The air was brisk, but the sun warmed the forest steadily. I pushed the canoe along the lake's edge and into the water. Dowdy Lake chilled my bare toes, which sent ripples across its window-like surface.

Fishermen searched for their morning catches on the opposite side of the lake, while campers stirred in their tents near the shore.

I paddled around a boulder and into the middle of the lake. I placed my paddle inside the canoe and opened A People’s History of the United States. Birds chirped in the trees, while hawks soared above the water and competed with the fishermen in search of breakfast.

After a lap around the lake, I pulled the canoe into the cove and hoisted it on to the sand. Later that night, the sun settled behind the mountains and painted the sky with a vibrant palate of reds, oranges, and blues. The calmed lake reflected the sky, which fused the sky to the earth.

The stillness of nature provided tranquility that eludes our modern-day hustle-and-bustle pace. The absent ambient noise allowed chirping birds and water splashes to emerge as prominent sensations. Stillness and nature go hand in hand.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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