10 Reasons to Get Scuba Certified Now

Scuba diving seems like such a cool adventure; divers can swim below the ocean and breathe normally while interacting with sea life in its natural habitat!

The difficulty comes with actually scuba diving. It seems to require tedious, expensive classes and experiences that can only be achieved by rich people with a lot of time on their hands in a tropical location, right? Wrong!

You can get scuba certified almost anywhere. So, here are ten reasons that you need to get scuba certified right now, not later.

1. Certification Lasts A Lifetime
Unlike most skill certifications, a PADI Open Water Diver certification lasts a lifetime. No annual fees, no mandatory recertification courses, and no hidden tricks. PADI’s mission is to educate you, and then keep you diving. As long as you continue to dive, your certification stays valid. If you go a few years without diving (1.5 years according to PADI recommendations), you can take a refresher course (in-pool or online) before your next dive. Get certified now so that you can get a lifetime’s worth of use out of your certification.

2. You May Want to Scuba Dive on Your Next Adventure
Your next business trip might take you to Cancun, Mexico and scuba diving may be a free, included portion of your resort (only for certified divers, though). Spend and hour and get a free dive in some magical reefs instead of wishing you could.

3. Base Your Next Adventure Around Scuba Diving
Plan an adventure with some scuba certified buddies and base your location around cool scuba spots. Plan to travel to Australia and budget two days to scuba around the Great Barrier Reef. With every new adventure, you can incorporate a scuba morning so that you can see parts of the world that most people never will.

4. Meet New Friends
When you’re on a scuba boat, you’ll meet all kinds of people with cool stories. When you go through scuba training, odds are you won’t be alone. Scuba certification creates one more avenue for you to meet new people that may turn out to be lifelong friends.

5. See What Others Don’t
Most people only dream of seeing a turtle in the wild, or swimming around an underwater national park. Scuba allows you to see the world in a way that most people never will.

6. Become a Conservationist
PADI offers scuba certification enhancements, like Project AWARE, that allows you to go on scuba trips based on conservation. You can chart shark movements first-hand, or clean the ocean floor and free it from pop cans. Use scuba as a way to save the earth in ways that most people can’t.

7. Takes You to New Places
Scuba will take you to places that you never would have thought to visit. Is the Isla de Mujeres on your next adventure list? It could be once you realize that you can scuba dive through the underwater ruins of an ancient Mayan culture.

8. Pushes You Outside of Your Comfort Zone
There’s no feeling quite like breathing underwater. Getting to that point requires you to let go of your fears and remain calm in new, pressure-filled situations. Scuba pushes you to expand your horizons (or lower them...sorry, couldn’t resist).

9. Opportunity for Growth
Through the PADI scuba diving process, you have the chance to progress in your skillset until you reach the level of Master Scuba Diver. You can go from Open Water Diver to Advanced Open Water Diver to Rescue Diver to Master Scuba Diver by taking classes and specific purpose dives that allow you to enhance your skills.

10. Who Doesn’t Want to Dive through a Shipwreck?!
One particular adventure dive that allows you to work toward Master Scuba Diver is a Wreck Dive. Can you imagine scuba diving through a shipwreck in the open ocean? That has to to be one of the most epic adventure possible! Only through scuba certification can you reach this level of adventure.

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Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune and author of adventure novels, like Across Americana. He is based in Denver, Colorado, where he adventures through the Rocky Mountains while not traveling abroad.
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