Editorial: Confident vs. Cocky

By: Tom Malone

People often misinterpret confidence for cockiness; but, while the two may appear similar, they are measurably different.

Confidence entails one’s accurate self-esteem in one’s own abilities. Through confidence, people recognize the legitimacy of other people’s ideas, which leads to a happier lifestyle.
On the other hand, cockiness implies a false sense of one’s own abilities and it’s often manifested through ignorance of other people’s ideas and skills.

Cockiness is often used as a mask for a person’s lack of confidence. Those who lack confidence tend to overcompensate by projecting false bravado. That’s not what we’re after.

True confidence needs no boasting from the person in question. True confidence speaks through actions. True confidence fuels the confidence of those within its radius, while cockiness diminishes the confidence levels of those near it.

Happiness with oneself fosters an environment for quiet, humble confidence to grow, while inner unhappiness provides an environment ripe for false confidence to project: cockiness.

No one likes to be around a cocky person, but everyone loves to surround themselves with confident, kind people. Let yourself be the latter.

*Photo Credit: Tom Malone
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