How Does Adventure Come through Financial Generosity?

By: Tom Malone

If we have attained financial stability, we must be generous with our money. Generosity with our money comes in a few forms: with friends, with ourselves, and with those who need it most.

We can demonstrate financial generosity with our friends daily. When a friend doesn’t have enough cash to leave a tip for dinner, that’s where you come in. Will your friend pay you back? Maybe not. But, you’re friend will definitely see you as a generous person who always has his/her back. You may not receive your five dollars back, but you’re friend will repay you somehow, some day.

Generosity with yourself sounds self-absorbed initially; however, it depends on the item in question. When you’re deciding whether or not to pay for college, realize that investing in an education is an investment in yourself for the future. This investment, once completed, will provide you with a sense of accomplishment that will set up your life’s success. Buying a $200 pair of shoes, on the other hand, will not. So consider your options before being selfishly financially generous.

Lastly, ensure that you’re financially generous with those who really need your help. If your local food bank needs assistance collecting soup for the homeless people of your city, assist them because they need it. If someone in your community experienced a sudden loss, donate money toward helping that person ease their grief. Find what you consider to be a noble cause and donate because it will make you feel more confident about your ability to help the world.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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