Learning to Dance Can Be an Adventure

By: Tom Malone

Next time you attend a wedding, notice the wallflowers, the people who view the two-hour dancing segment of the celebration through the lens of a middle school dance attendee. Don’t let that person be you.

Most people give poor excuses and you’ve heard them all: I can’t dance, or This isn’t my kind of music, or Everyone is better than me. Stop making excuses for your perceived lack of rhythm and learn how to dance.

Dancing, like any other athletic movement, takes practice. With the advent of YouTube tutorials, there’s no excuse for lack of dancing ability these days. Search dance moves on YouTube from all genres: country swing, hip-hop, ballroom. All you need is two dance moves from each major genre and you will at least appear to know how to dance from the wallflower’s perspective.

Once a wedding guest comments on your ability to swing dance (even though you only know two moves), you’ll begin to feel more confident in your dancing skills. Once your confidence in your dance floor ability rises slightly, you’ll be more inclined to learn another step or two, which will further increase your skill level and aptitude.

Plus, dancing is a social mechanism that shows people that you know how to have fun. People’s eyes gravitate toward the dance floor, so why not be that person that draws that type of positive attention?

You don’t have to take ten years of dance lessons in order to dance well enough. You just need a few minutes of practice, along with enough confidence to erase timid, athletic maneuvers. Give it a try!

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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