On Organization Part III (Your Files)

By: Tom Malone

When we open our laptops to utilize a digital file, some of us spend hours scouring through a mish-mash of ill-named folders and half-labeled documents in our attempts to surf our own digital organization. Change that!

The world grows more digital each day; therefore, strive to organize your digital life. This will provide you with a sense of stress relief that lasts. Honestly, organizing a disorganized digital area can prove tiresome, but once your organization system is in place, all you need to do is stick with it each time you create something new within your digital footprint. This will improve your efficiency and leave you with more time for leisure activities, which will make you happier.

To begin, place all written documents in the same folder. Then, label each document accordingly with an easy-to-find title. This helps for those situations when you’re looking for your epic photographs from last summer’s adventure through Canyonlands National Parks, but all you can find is a document entitled “XR7Q54P.docx”. Instead, label it “Canyonlands 1”. Simple enough, huh?

Then, move to your photos. Maybe you want to compile all photos into one master photo file, and then section each photograph into subfolders based on the year, or event in which they were taken.

After that, ensure that each file type that you use is labelled easily and sectioned of into proper files. Using the computer's hard drive works well, as does a cloud compartment like Google Drive, which you can access from anywhere.

Overall, organizing your digital life will make those menial tasks much less stressful when it comes time to sit down and complete them.

Photo By: Tom Malone
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