On Organization Part IV (Your Daily Routine)

By: Tom Malone

By organizing your daily routine, you’ll become a well-oiled machine who projects confidence through efficiency. Now, don't’ get me wrong. I’m all for spontaneity, but a regimented routine to some degree will make your life much more productive.

Take exercise, for example. If you simply tell yourself that you’re going to exercise, you might do it here and there. But, if you tell yourself that you’re going to wake up each work/school day morning and do sit-ups, that will build into your daily routine.

Then, instead of telling yourself that you’re going to generally eat healthy, tell yourself that you’re going drink a glass of water each morning and follow it with a carrot. That will become a habit and part of a well-maintained healthy routine.

Set time at night to read one chapter in a book. Set five minutes in the morning to read a newspaper article. Set five minutes at night time to write in your journal. If they’re things you could easily throw by the wayside, add them to your daily routine and they’ll soon become a daily habit.

Organize certain things into your daily routine to ensure a positive, healthy lifestyle. When your routine is organized, you’ll find yourself accomplishing more things that you wouldn’t do otherwise.

When you accomplish short-term, daily goals, you feel more confident in your ability to do things. When these daily goals revolve around health, your body will physically feel better. If they revolve around finances, you’ll find yourself much more financially successful. When they revolve around knowledge, you’ll find yourself becoming more intelligent.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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