Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

By: Tom Malone

Vanilla Ice said it best: stop, collaborate, and listen. (Yes, I just quoted Vanilla Ice). By collaborating with other people, you’ll find more success no matter what your endeavor may be. By listening to others rather than talking so much, you’ll allow yourself to gather more information, which will lead to more confidence in your people skills.

When employers interview a job candidate, the first attribute they look for is the ability to collaborate. With so much cultural emphasis on unique self-reliance, people are losing their abilities to collaborate, but the skill is as important now as it ever was. By collaborating, we allow our ideas to intertwine with the perspectives of others, which leads to unstoppable creation through synergy.

The ability to listen in today’s culture is regressing as well. With so much emphasis on the “iLife”, we expect everything to be about me, but it’s not. Listening to other people (I mean actually listening, not interrupting to interject your opinions) takes patience. As a society, we need to improve our listening skills.

When someone tells you their name, you need to remember it because it shows that person that your respect and value them enough to remember it. This, in turn, allows them to respect you more, which will enhance your self-esteem.

Collaboration and listening skills might not make you the head of the pack immediately, but listen enough and you’ll find that you possess much more information about the world and about the people in it than those who choose to continue talking.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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