Stop Putting Others Down in Order to Build Yourself Up (It Doesn’t Work)

By: Tom Malone

In order to foster a positive lifestyle, we need to curb our habit of putting other people down. Many people put down others in a subconscious effort to build themselves up, but self-confidence doesn’t work like that.

When we make fun of someone behind their back, it doesn’t promote positive ideas. Though it might lower their status in your eyes, putting someone down actually lowers your status in the eyes of the person you're talking with.

By talking positively about someone to a friend or coworker, that attitude of positivity reflects on you, as well as the person under discussion. The same applies for negativity; when you speak negatively about someone to a friend or coworker, they see you as negative rather than the person under discussion.

So, next time you’re feeling down, try building someone up. It will actually enhance your self-esteem and positive discussion will become a habit that will lead to a happier lifestyle.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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