Woodworking Provides Indoor and Outdoor Adventure

By: Tom Malone

When a house guest arrives and comments on your new piece of furniture, wouldn’t it be cool to say that you made it with your own hands? That’s not an outlandish idea; learning the time-tested skill of woodworking can bring confidence and happiness to your life, along with a daily reminder of your ability in the skill.

How does a person learn to woodwork, you ask? Well, plenty of local community colleges offer woodworking classes that allow access to their machines and supplies, along with their understanding of the trade. These classes may seem slightly pricey up front, but the skills that they teach will remain for a lifetime.

If a piece of furniture seems daunting at first, begin with something smaller, like a game board or a longboard. Plus, you can use these items to foster a new skill down the road (when you build your own chess board, you’re likely to play chess often; thus fostering your chess skills and intellect).

Woodworking is one of the oldest skills in human history. It brings us closer to nature by literally shaping it with our bare hands. The confidence that one attains from completing a project in unison with nature promote peace and tranquility. So, give it a try and see if it fits your liking.

Photo By: Grant Allen
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