Stop Equating Life Success to Financial Wealth

By: Tom Malone

In our capitalistic culture, everyone cares how much everyone else makes...or do they? Typically, we find that the wealthier a person is, the less happy they actually are. Now, making a decent amount of money will surely ease the burden of paying bills, but living with such an excess amount of money causes its own undue stress; therefore, define what it means to be a successful person.

A successful person, in my mind, is someone who leaves the world a better place than it was when they arrived, a person who mastered certain skills, and a person who happily and positively impacted those around them. Does money fit into that definition? I don’t think so.

Determine what your own definition of success is. If it’s the dollar figure in your bank account, then you should revisit your definition. The most successful authors typically didn’t see much money, as with successful painters, musicians, and parents.

Success is a mindset and it’s definition is unique to each individual. Just because our culture equates success with money doesn’t mean that you have to abide by that constraint.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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