Update Your Haircut for a Social Adventure

By: Tom Malone

Think about the last time you got a haircut. You left the barbershop or salon with more swagger than when you entered it. When you get a haircut, you feel clean, sharp, and confident. So, why do so many of us procrastinate when it comes to getting a haircut?

Money seems to take a top priority. Whether you're paying 12 dollars for a buzz cut or 200 dollars for a cut-and-color, no one enjoys spending hard-earned money on something that they know they’ll have to do again soon enough. But, spending money on a haircut is like spending money on your confidence itself.

If you get the same haircut every single time, then you’re confident in how you’ll feel for the next few weeks as your hair grows out; however, your confidence in terms of haircuts has plateaued. Why not try switching up your hairstyle a bit?

By changing your hairstyle next time you visit the barbershop or salon, you’ll leave with a new-found confidence. Sure, you’re not positive how people will react to the new look, but the toughest critic of yourself is...yourself. So, if you think it looks good, then that’s all that counts. With a new hairstyle, you might find yourself subconsciously updating your wardrobe and opting for a shift in clothing style as well.

Ultimately, stepping outside of your comfort zone enhances your confidence in your ability to succeed; therefore, a new hairstyle will provide you with enough swagger to last you until the next trim.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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