Brazilian Music Provides Cultural Flare in Portugal

By: Tom Malone

My friends and I searched for precious inches of standing room as we strolled into the hole-in-the-wall Portuguese bar around midnight in early December.

Two Brazilian men in their early twenties filled the small corner stage. We heard the excitement and vitality in their music as they played the single guitar and drum set.

After eating tender steak cooked on hot rocks earlier that evening, we decided that a drink sounded refreshing. Our Spanish vocabulary professor recommended that we grab a drink in a neighborhood called Bairro Alto, so we checked it out.

Locals and tourists packed the bars and filled the streets in front of the twenty or more pubs that lined the avenues and alleyways. We cruised through a few until we encountered the small venue with live music. Groovy music.

Eventually, we found some bar stools close to the stage. The two Brazilian musicians drank a beer between every song and chatted with the local pub-goers, creating an atmosphere of comfort in the venue.

At one point, the guitarist asked my friend if he was Brazilian, which sparked a short yet enlightening conversation. He told us about the beauty and cultural experience that Brazil offers. He talked about his music and the excitement he feels when he plays in front of people.

Though he spoke Portuguese and we spoke Spanish, the language gap didn’t hinder the conversational flow.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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