Irish Comedy Star Celebrates In Lisbon

By: Tom Malone

We entered our dark hostel room in Lisbon after a ten-hour overnight train ride and nearly 30 hours without real sleep. We saw a person with a blond mohawk sleeping in one bed, so we filled three unoccupied mattresses on the other side of the room during our nap time. When we awoke, he was gone.

Around 10 PM that night, we decided that we were ready to explore the city’s nightlife. Another random roommate from Germany tagged along with us to the downstairs hostel bar. As we left our room, the man with the blonde mohawk returned, so he joined us at the bar.

His name was Tom Kilgallon. He was an Irishman, similar in age to us, and generous with his pint-giving. Through conversational flow, he told us that he starred in a new Irish comedy television show called Hardy Bucks, hence the blonde mohawk. Who knew?

According to Kilgallon, he and three friends won an online contest and received a network contract prize that would place their show on national television. The boys signed a three-episode deal with hopes that the show’s popularity would grant them at least a full season. Now in its third season, Hardy Bucks clearly passed the test.

The first season of the show wrapped, prompting Kilgallon’s Lisbon trip in Dec. 2010 and providing funds for his pint generosity. After a few, we watched an episode of Hardy Bucks. I don’t know if I laughed harder at the show or Kilgallon’s side commentary about the filming process.

After our stay concluded, we said our good-byes. He encouraged us to visit Ireland and offered generous hospitality if we made it to his hometown. Hopefully I’ll travel to the Emerald Isle soon and have some pints with the rest of the Bucks.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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