A True Adventurer Doesn’t Flaunt Financial Success

Once you attain financial stability and develop excess money, remain true to your inner character. By flaunting your wealth, you take your confidence and project it outwards as cockiness, which is a form of insecurity.

When you have enough money to stop worrying about finances, there’s no need to alert the world. In fact, people will perceive you as rude, obnoxious, and pretentious when you flaunt your money.

Unless you were born into wealth, you attained financial stability through frugal means. You probably stuck to a tight budget, invested well, and attained a high-paying job. Once you become financially secure, don’t lose that sense of balance. That sense of balance got you to your current state of being, so don’t throw away your financial sense just to throw you money in other people’s faces because an attitude of superiority will lead to slope of overspending, which will lessen your confidence in your own financial security.

Plus, no one likes to spend time with arrogant people. When no one wants to spend time with you, your sense of belonging and your self-esteem will drop, which will lead to lower confidence levels and a less happy lifestyle.

*By: Tom Malone
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