Adventure Gift Guide For The Holidays

As the holidays approach, many struggle to find the perfect gift for their special someone(s). With more and more people gravitating toward outdoor hobbies like hiking and fishing, it can seem like a daunting task to pick out the perfect piece of expensive equipment to appease the adventurer on your gift list. Sometimes, you go to the mall to buy a gift for your special someone(s) and simply draw a blank.

As always, never fear; The Adventure Tribune is here! (Sorry, we had to.) We compiled a list of gift ideas for adventurers of all types. From fishing to backpacking, from writing to dog-walking, we’ve got you covered this year.

1. The Adventure Tribune Gear
We figured we start off our list with our newly released adventure apparel. Shameless plug? Maybe. Quality gift? Absolutely! Get your adventure-themed shirts, mugs, and sweatshirts for all of the adventurers and readers in your family in one place.

2. One World Soccer Balls (Futbols)
This company provides soccer balls, cricket balls, and (recently) dog balls that are indestructible and require no air. That’s right, you can’t deflate them. And the best part is that every time you buy a ball, they match your purchase and donate a ball to a child in an impoverished area of the world.

3. beyondBeanie
After a trek through Bolivia, the founder of this company decided to make authentic Bolivian beanies and donate all the proceeds toward helping impoverished South American orphans receive an education. So, buy a cool beanie and save the world at the same time.

4. Across Americana
This novel by The Adventure Tribune’s Editor-In-Chief is the perfect book for the wanderluster in your life. It focused on a recent college graduate whose plans fall through, so he winds up on a cross-country road trip with an uncertain future. It encourages reading and adventure! What a combination.

5. Tenkara USA Rod
Based in Boulder, Colorado, but inspired by ancient Japanese tradition, this simple method of fly fishing is the perfect gift for someone who is interested in jumping into the sport. It’s even a great gift for a long-time fly fisher who wants a new feel.

6. Word. Adventure Log
These cool travel notebooks will inspire you to write do every detail about your adventures. With various themes (surfing, motorcycle journeys, etc.) they have a journal that fits every type of adventurer.

7. RuffWear
For your adventurers with four-legged friends, check out Ruffwear. Based in Bend, Oregon, Ruffwear provided adventure gear for dogs, like side pouches, leashes, and cold-weather gear.

8. Helios Hammock
Do you have a camper, backpacker, or forest enthusiast to shop for? They would love to add a lightweight, durable hammock to their gear list. At a low cost, these hammocks provide unique outdoor sleeping opportunities and leisurely forest days.

9. BioLite Energy
Yet another company that’s saving the world, BioLite provides adventurers with cookware, power-up energy, and light that uses no carbon emissions. They also put a major portion of their profits toward giving their own products to underdeveloped nations.

10. Wolfpack Supply
This company focus on dog adventure gear with a mountain climber style. Tightly-woven leashes fixed with carabiners will let your adventure dog run through any adventure in style and security.

11. Hiking Rain Gear
Do you have an avid hiker to shop for? Are they fully equiped to hike in any weather? Any hiker would appreciate another level of protection, so pick out some waterproof jackets, pants, and boots from a trustworthy company like Columbia Sportswear.

12. Travel Backpack
Every adventurer needs a backpack, whether it’s a massive 65-liter journey pack, or a small 10-liter hiking pack. Check out some of these hiking packs from Columbia Sportswear, or one of our personal favorites from Kelty for a longer journey.

13. Multi-tool
Not sure what your adventurer is going to get into next? Then a multi-tool is perfect. Give your adventurer the option to use dozens of different tools and gadgets in an all-in-one handheld format.

14. Digital Camera
Looking for a gift for someone who always takes photos with their smartphone? What about an upgrade to a full-fledged camera built for high-quality photography that’s also intuitive to use? Check out the Canon Rebel series, which we can attest to from personal experience.

15. Handcrafted Knife
Whether your adventurer uses knives for a purpose or likes to collect them as decoration, nothing beats a knife that’s one-of-a-kind, like these knives from Burnside Knives, based in Portland, Oregon.

And that concludes our list of ideas. Feel free to write to our contributors who compiled this list and let us know if you have other ideas to add. And be sure to subscribe to The Adventure Tribune; it’s a free gift from us to you.
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