How To Adventure Boldly With Age And Experience

Age should not limit our want of adventure. Many of the articles printed in our publication are pointed at a much younger audience than, say, those in the Baby Boomer generation. But, it is this generation that may be the best situated to make adventure a big part of their next phase in life as long as you are physically able.

Like the “Greatest Generation”, the boomer generation spent so much of their adult lives working hard and providing for themselves and their families. Now, courtesy of the internet and the explosion in accommodation options, the senior traveler can dial up a plethora of adventure opportunities.

When deciding on the style of adventure opportunities, there are four important  decisions that will shape their adventure quotient: time, bucket list, level of comfort, and solo vs. group travel.

Time is what so many senior adventurers have. Here, let’s define time as a reasonable amount for you to see what that area offers and how long one can reasonably be away from home.  This has so many variables that play into this decision, but it is paramount to working an itinerary.

Bucket List
You are an adventurer if you have one of these. Most Boomers I know have a well-developed wish list of places, cultures, and adventures they want to experience. Now is the time to dust that list off and get to checking off those adventures you have kept locked up for much too long.

Level of Comfort
Level of comfort may rank ahead of time on so many lists. Are you the type that could find rest and relaxation in a tent on safari? Or, is there a need to have a spa treatment and other amenities available at the end of that daily adventure? Depending on your level (or your mate’s level of comfort) will certainly serve as a big trip-shaper for you.

Also in this category is your level of comfort with trying non-hotelier sites, such a VBRO or Airbnb. These sites offer very reasonable rates in many areas (both urban and rural), but come with a wide variance of amenities.

Solo or Group
Finally, are you better finding adventure by yourself or with a significant other? Or does your preference lean toward a tour group? This will definitely shape both the type of adventure available to you and options that may make it an adventure of a lifetime.

Stay tuned to The Adventure Tribune in the weeks ahead for more information and suggestion for the senior adventurer.

Guest Writer: Dan Malone - A seasoned adventurer based in Portland, Ore. whose travel experiences encompass most European countries and nearly the entire United States.

*Photo By: Tom Malone
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