How to Adventure Through Your City in Winter

Typically, winter brings cold temperatures and precipitation that hinders our desire to explore the outdoors. Lack of shelter, proper gear, and motivation keep us indoors for a majority of the winter season.

Thankfully, there’s a strategy to combat winter laziness. Here’s how to utilize the urban landscape to fuel winter exploration.

1. Waterproof Shell
A lightweight, waterproof shell will allow you to explore the outdoors at all times, no matter the precipitation level. If it’s cold, add layers underneath. When you arrive at your warm, indoor destination, shed your layers.

2. Small, Waterproof Backpack
This seemingly small feature will allow you to carry any item necessary for an adventure while still keeping your stuff dry. Pack some snacks, a water bottle, and a camera to begin your exploration of your city.

3. History Museum
Start your journey at a history museum. Whether it's a general history center or specific to your town, utilize the winter weather to your advantage and tour the historical relics that your city holds.

4. Library
Check out your local library. A lot of city libraries posses a unique character and story that will intrigue your adventurous spirit.

5. Concert
Attend an indoor concert. Many performing artists tour to small indoor venues in the winter. Tickets are usually cheaper than major summer concert tours.

6. Art Museum
Investigate local art museums around your city. You’ll find lesser-known painting by famous artists, and you’ll discover incredible art by local celebrities.

7. Play
Attend a play at your local performing arts center. Dramas and operas can cost a fair amount, but look for deals and matinee times to investigate your city’s best actors.

8. Cultural Center
Most cities have a rich cultural diversity. Spend some time at specific cultural centers in order to accumulate an understanding for your city’s rich cultural flavor.

9. Historical Site
Every city has a history. Explore this history at the sites in which the stories evolved. Check out cool historical sites and experience the actual buildings for yourself.

10. Scenic Drive
Hop in your car and take a cruise around the most scenic parts of your city and the surrounding areas. By driving, you’ll eliminate the weather inconveniences and you’ll cover more ground.

11. Coffee Shop
Spend a day in a local coffee shop with a cool view of the city streets. Bring a book, read the newspaper, or bring lively company. Downtown coffee shops provide incredible people-watching viewpoints as well.

12. Forested Hike
Find a favorite hiking trail with a forested canopy that will provide some cover from the elements. Just because it’s raining or snowing doesn’t mean you can’t find beauty in the outdoors. (That’s what your waterproof shell is for!)

13. House Tour
Drive around your city and find the coolest old houses that you can. Who knows - maybe you’ll find a home you actually want to live in someday!

14. Comedy Show
Most major cities have at least one comedy club. Tickets can be cheap, so buy some seats and go experience one of the greatest forms of creativity and social commentary that your city has to offer.

15. Restaurant
End your journey by exploring your city’s most delicious food. Oftentimes, a city’s best food isn’t expensive. Search for hole-in-the-wall places that you’ve never heard of. Step outside of your comfort zone and dive into your city’s culinary culture.

That concludes our list. If you have additions or if you want to create a list of your own, send it to and see it published.

*By: Tom Malone
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