WeatherBug App Enhances Ability To Plan For Any Adventure

Have you ever planned a day hike in the foothills of the sunny Rocky Mountains, only to be greeted by a frozen snow storm? Perhaps you're from the Pacific Northwest, where you've planned a hike in the Columbia Gorge, dressed for cold rain, only to find that the Gorge is 75 degrees and sunny.

The Adventure Tribune encourages its readers to prepare as much as possible for any type of adventure. Whether you’re traveling to another city to stroll through an urban jungle, or flying to Mexico to adventure through the Mayan jungle, you need to know what to pack and what to bring.

With the new weather-tracking capabilities of the WeatherBug app, you’ll be able to prepare for weather a week in advance, or plan your impromptu adventure by tracking a current storm.

Radar Forecast Weather App

With the radar forecast weather app, WeatherBug, you are easily able to find out more about the weather and watch it change in real time, even while you are traveling. This is because the radar is able to offer some insight by showing you exactly what is going on in the climate around you. You no longer have to worry about not being able to see the storm as it approaches because the real time Doppler radar allows you to see it.

Through the use of this radar forecast weather app, everyone is able to find out what the weather is like in the area that they live in, or the areas that they’ll be traveling to. It’s just as easy as looking at your phone.

Check Out All That Comes with the Google Play Weather App

When it comes to finding out what comes with this Google Play weather app, you want to know what features are being offered. You want to feel confident that you can check out the radar, the entire week of weather readings, and so much more.

Plus you want to make sure the information is reliable and dependable. This is something you would not normally be able to get with other weather apps. Using this accurate weather app will keep you prepared and safe, especially while traveling to new places.

You can find tons of useful features, such as lighting alerts, wind chill, pollen details, and so much more right on the app. Whether you want to know the weather now, or for the rest of the week, WeatherBug has you covered. If you want to know the weather in the area you are currently in, or one you plan on traveling to, you can find out all this and more right from WeatherBug. Download the free WeatherBug app to add another adventure tool to your arsenal.

*Disclaimer: This article was sponsored by WeatherBug.
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