Why Hike Now, Not Summertime

When springtime rolls around, typical hikers shake off their hiking gear that they haven’t used since the previous summer. They flock to their favorite hiking spot as excitement builds for their first hike of the year. When they arrive, they find beautiful landscape...and hundreds of other hikers.

Part of the appeal of hiking comes from the solitude that one finds while trekking through nature. Unfortunately, hikers can lose this solace when their favorite hiking spot is jammed with too many people.

That’s why you need to hike in the fall and winter instead to find your hiking bliss, and save the spring and summer for more unique adventures.

According to Google Trends, which tracks the search results of every single search term, people search for “hiking” during the peak spring and summer seasons, while fall and winter search results drop dramatically. This indicates that hikers tend to hibernate during these seasons.

So, don’t let cooler weather slow you down. Do you live in an area that carries consistent winter rains? Grab an OmniTech waterproof shell from Columbia Sportswear. Perhaps you live in an area that drops below freezing often in the off-season. Snag a lightweight thermal jacket.

If you’re properly geared up, weather isn’t an issue when it comes to enjoying a hike through your favorite spot. All that matters is your attitude. So, check the patterns of the masses of hikers and aim to get outside this fall and winter while everyone else is slouching around.

*Written By: Tom Malone
*Photo By: Grant Allen
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