Why You Need To Snowshoe In Colorado This Winter

Many hiking trails in Colorado are impassable during the Winter season. Consistent snow accumulation in the foothills and deep within the Rocky Mountains makes trekking with regular hiking boots nearly impossible. Naturally, no one wants to to slip and tumble down a rocky cliff.

Thankfully, ancient adventurers invented a method for exploring the outdoors in the most precarious Winter conditions. Enter: the Snowshoe.

The contributors at The Adventure Tribune complied this comprehensive list of reasons why we love to snowshoe through Colorado. Hopefully at least one of these reasons will compel you adventure bravely through the cold and explore the state in its full Winter beauty.

1. Inexpensive Investment
Unless you buy the most technologically advanced pair of snowshoes, the actual gear is relatively inexpensive. Most people who want to get into snowshoeing already have waterproof hiking boots. If you live in Colorado, you probably have snow boots that will work. Now, all you need are a pair of snowshoes to disperse your weight as you travel across the snow. A quality pair of snowshoes will last for a long time, so there's no need to repurchase the newest model every single Winter season, either.

2. Old Trail, New Perspective
If you're a seasoned Colorado hiker, you've probably explored many of the incredible hiking trails that the state has to offer. You're tired of Chautauqua. St. Mary's Glacier is old news. Even Brainard Lake fails to impress you anymore. Well, what if you could hike the same familiar trails in a completely different environment? Great news! Strap on a pair of snowshoes and hike through your favorite hiking trail. We promise it will look, and feel, completely new.

3. Incredible Views
As you snowshoe through the Rocky Mountain foothills, you have a chance to explore areas of the snow-covered wilderness that might seem dry and bleak in the summertime; but, add some snow into the scene, and you get a view that's nothing short of breathtaking.

4. Methodical Adventure
Snowshoeing takes time and purpose. With an average-incline hiking trail, you may be able to conquer it with ease and little effort. Snowshoeing removes that haste from the experience and forces you to take slow, methodical steps that can make you feel more present in your journey.

5. Bonding Time
Since snowshoeing can be a slower experience, you'll have more time to talk with your adventure team. The natural environment of snow can provide laughs and memories that you won't find during a Summer hike. If you've ever tripped and fallen during a Summer hike, that's no laughing matter; fall into a big pile of snow and you'll have the whole crew laughing.

6. Alternative To Other Winter Sports
Colorado is famous for its snowboarding and skiing areas; with that fame comes enhanced prices and intimidation to try these fast-paced Winter sports. If fast-paced acceleration down a steep mountain face isn't your idea of fun, but you still ant to experience the culture of Colorado's Winter adventure, then snowshoeing is the way to go.

7. Reduce Cabin Fever
Naturally, Winter brings people inside from the cold. You sit down in front of the fireplace, watch a movie, and drink hot chocolate. But, if you do this all season, you're bound to get a little stir-crazy. Get out and explore nature through snowshoeing to decrease your level of Winter restlessness.

8. Chance To Travel To A New Town
While you may explore familiar towns for weekend getaways during the Summer months, you may find yourself exploring a tower that you never new existed simply because you found a cool snowshoeing trail nearby. Expand your horizons and venture into a lesser-known destination within the state to get to know Colorado on a new level.

9. Post-Adventure Escape From The Cold
While many of us stop as local microbreweries after a Summer hike for a refreshing, cold beer, know that the same sense of post-adventure relaxation occurs in the Winter. During the colder seasons, many breweries produce specialty beers that seem to taste better when it's snowing, like stouts and porters. After your snowshoeing adventure is complete, stop in at the nearest beer-making establishment and see what's brewing (pun definitely intended).

10. Snowballs
No matter how old and mature you get, you can never resist the urge to throw a snowball. While snowshoeing with your regular adventure crew, you never know when a middle-school-style snowball fight will break out and bring you back to your childhood sentiments of fun and adventure.

11. Sledding
Know of an awesome sledding hill that's inaccessible by car? Strap on the snowshoes, grab your sleds, and trek into the wilderness to find that perfect, untouched sledding spot. When you're done, you'll have a fun snowshoeing trek to look foreword to.

12. Exercise
Depending on the incline, the depth of snow, and the amount of gear you carry, snowshoeing can be an extreme workout. If you're looking for an awesome way to exercise outdoors in the Winter, snowshoeing just might become your new favorite hobby.

That concludes our list of reasons to pick up snowshoeing this Winter. If we didn't include the reason that you snowshoe, let us know by visiting our Submissions page and send us your list. And, of course, send us your recent snowshoeing adventure stories so our readers can experience your adventures. Enjoy the Winter!

Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune and author of adventure novels, like Across Americana. He is based in Denver, Colorado, where he adventures through the Rocky Mountains while not traveling abroad.

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