10 Ways To Adventure In Colorado This Winter

When the Colorado winter hits, it can leave us with piles of snow and an inclination for laziness. The usual summer adventurer finds time to rest during the Colorado winter season, but stir-craziness can affect even the most passive adventurer.

In order to avoid the feeling of being snowed in and cooped up, it's important that we find alternate ways to adventure during the cold and snowy weather. But, how?

1. Snowboarding/Skiing
Colorado is famous for its Rocky Mountain ski and snowboard areas, and for good reason. With dozens of winter sports areas, you can find a mountain that fits your proximity and budget.

Don't know how to ski or snowboard? Then, learn! Learning this new skill will pay adventure dividends for years and it may even spark a new favorite adventure hobby that compels you to travel to other mountain ranges just to slide down them.

2. Snowshoeing
If you still want to adventure through the Rocky Mountain snow, but you're looking for a slower pace, then try snowshoeing. It's low-speed, yet you'll have access to incredible views through backcountry paths.

Visit a second-hand sports store as an entry point into snowshoeing. Bring your camera and your adventure buddies and trek through the mountains on a winter hike.

3. Cross-Country Ski
This takes the low-speed nature of snowshoeing and pairs it with the potential for some downhill action. Cross-country skiing is hard work; it's the perfect winter adventure sport for those who seek marathons and adventure races in the summer months.

Most towns in the Rockies will feature exceptional cross-country ski areas. Some have designated paths, while other areas allow you to blaze your own trail.

4. Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Looking for a slightly warmer winter adventure? Take a journey to the heart of downtown Denver and visit the museum. With rotating exhibits, you'll find a feature that excites the inner historian, scientist, and movie buff.

Check out the IMAX theatre schedule while you're there for an immersive experience. Films and exhibits rotate regularly, so, if you don't see something that interests you today, check back soon and see what's new.

5. Denver Performing Arts Complex
The DPAC contains a few theaters and performances that rotate on a regular basis. Visit the Buell for off-Broadway performances, like The Lion King and Wicked.

If you're interested in a smaller, less expensive setting, the DPAC's smaller side theatres host performances in intimate settings with extremely talented professional ensembles.

6. Winter Photography in Estes Park
Take a journey to Estes Park for some winter photography. Though the notorious elk are in peak view during the fall, you can find plenty of wildlife to shoot during the winter with the added benefit of a snowy backdrop.

Visit the Stanley Hotel and snap some photos of the interior setting for The Shining. Check your photos later for orbs; you never know what you may have captured on film!

7. Ice Fishing at Red Feather Lakes
In Roosevelt National Forest (toward the Wyoming border section of the Rockies) you'll find the area dotted with lakes that have frozen over from the cold. You'll also see dozens of enclosed tents where avid fishermen ice fish during the winter months.

Ice fishing can seem like an intimidating and dangerous hobby to explore, but ask your local fishing shop to set you up with a guide who can safely navigate the ice for you so that you can build up the necessary skills to one day do it yourself.

8. Denver Brewery Tours
Breweries love winter because they can release specialty brews that pair well with the cold. Take a self-guided brewery tour through some world-renowned breweries that are conveniently located within blocks of each other.

Or, travel further into South Denver where you can spend some time at a massive property, like Breckenridge Brewing, and enjoy certain beers that are only served at that location and brewed specifically for winter.

9. College/Professional Basketball Games
Take a trip into downtown and catch a Nuggets game at the Pepsi Center. They play often and tickets are fairly inexpensive (especially compared to Broncos tickets).

Not a professional sports fan? Then journey into Boulder or Fort Collins and catch a CU or CSU basketball game. You never know when they might make the NCAA tournament and you can say, "I saw them play live."

10. Colorado Avalanche
See the Pepsi Center convert into a ice rink; see pure athleticism slide around the ice. And, maybe you'll see a fight or two.

Though Avalanche games are a bit pricier than Nuggets tickets, the games are long and exciting. If you've never been to an NHL game before, this winter is the time to go.

Bonus: Indoor Concerts
Though many major artists come to Colorado in the summer to play at major outdoor concert events and the world famous Red Rocks, you can catch a smaller act during the winter, when indoor concert venues are at their peak.

Check out an app like Bands In Town to keep track of your favorite artists, or visit calendar websites for venues like the Fillmore, Cervantes, and Bluebird Theater.

That concludes our list of ways to get out and adventure through Colorado this winter. If you've found another awesome way to adventure through the state during the winter months, send us an email at, or comment below.


Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune and author of adventure novels, like Across Americana. He is based in Denver, Colorado, where he adventures through the Rocky Mountains while not traveling abroad.
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