Use Technology to Build Your Intellect

The expansion of technology in the past two decades has allowed us to access information instantly. It’s our responsibility as conscious consumers to use this access to our intellectual advantage. But, how?

First, use smartphones for media consumption. By downloading newspaper apps (most of which are free), we can read current event articles at any moment. This will enhance our reading skills and build our awareness of what’s happening around the world. Download news apps from multiple perspectives and from multiple nations around the world to gain a well-rounded point of view.

Second, use language apps to build second (or third) language skills. By spending 15 minutes per day with a language acquisition app, we can then build in reading newspaper articles in different languages.

Third, utilize TED apps to have instant access to the best (and hidden) inspirational, motivational, and inquisitive speeches from world thinkers.

Fourth, utilize brain training apps. These brain exercises will train you to recognize patterns and they require little time and effort.

Fifth, use smartphones, tablets, and e-readers to read actual books. Most books over 75 years old are accessible for free through major app stores. Spend some time reading the classics in order to foster your intellect for the modern era.

In today’s ever-increasing technological age, it’s our responsibility as consumers to use technology to its fullest advantage, while avoiding the trap of letting it numb our intellect.

*By: Tom Malone
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