New Years' Resolution - Compliment Someone at the Beginning of the Day

Another key to success comes through the act of humility and kindness. If we begin each day by complimenting another person, we’ll find that our day becomes brighter and, generally, more successful.

First, the act of complimenting someone makes that person feel better about themselves. By sharing a kind word with another person, they will feel more confident and, subconsciously, they’ll thank you for it. In turn, your interaction with that person will be positive throughout the day, week, and year.

Second, when we compliment one person, they’ll feel more optimistic and probably compliment someone else, which creates a cycle of positive attitudes.

Third, by complimenting someone else, we acknowledge that other people have value. This creates an atmosphere of synergy throughout the workplace or schoolyard.

Fourth, by complimenting someone, we feel better about about ourselves because we know that we’re exporting an optimistic attitude. We know that we impacted someone’s day in a positive manner. If we do this at the beginning of the day, it trains our brain to approach the rest of the day with an attitude of optimism.

So, next time you walk in the school or office door, pay someone a genuine compliment. Train your brain to look for the good in this world and it will reflect in your successful daily routine.

*Written By: Tom Malone
*Photo By: Jackie Zupsic
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