New Years' Resolution - Make Your Bed Every Morning

Keys to success come through daily habits. One daily ritual that is guaranteed to increase success comes from one simple act: making your bed.

When you wake up and make your bed, you begin your day by accomplishing a task. Though that task is simple, it focuses your mind toward goal-completion. Once you complete this task of bed-making, your mind intrinsically moves toward the next task. You wake up in the morning with the confidence that you have the ability to accomplish a goal within the first minute of your day.

According to behavioral economist David Griffin, the act of completing a simple task in the morning will create a snowball effect, making the next task easier to complete through the confidence that comes with completing an initial goal.

When you return home after a long day of work or school (full of goal-completion, thanks to your initial completed task of the day), all you want to do is go to bed. And, who wants to fall asleep in a tousled, messy bed? Falling asleep in a pristine environment provides us with the peace of mind that we need to sleep soundly. Plus, we can return to our first task of the day as a day-ending ritual, showing us that we did, in fact, have a successful day. This creates a cyclical effect.

There’s a reason that the military has created a staple of bed-making throughout history: the simple act creates a regimented routine.

So, when our mothers told us to make our beds as children, they knew that they were setting us up for success.

*By: Tom Malone
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