Painting and Drawing Allow You to Express Your Adventures

Everyone has the same excuse for their avoidance of practicing their visual arts skills: “I’m not artistic,” or “I’m not good at drawing.” First of all, everyone is artistic; they just need practice. Second, if you’re not good at visual art, then practice and you’ll get better. It’s that simple!

By learning the skills of painting and drawing, you’ll provide yourself with a creative outlet that allows your imagination to run wild. Who cares if the figures that you paint aren’t anatomically correct? Neither were Pablo Picasso’s. Let your imagination unfold on the paper or canvas and you’ll begin to create some pretty cool stuff.

In order to begin painting, you’ll need some set-up investment (canvas, brushes, paint, etc.), but the products that you have the potential to create are astonishing.

By creating a physical product of visual art, you’ll have something to hang in your house, which will provide guests with an opportunity to say, “That painting is so beautiful. Where did you get it?”

Drawing requires less set-up investment (a pencil and a sketch pad), but you’ll have to learn some tips and tricks in order to make your drawings pop. Also, it takes a few attempts to really find your base style.

For both painting and drawing, rely on YouTube and past master artists for inspiration. The good news about both painting and drawing is that there’s no right way to do them. Art is complete freedom of expression. Some people think that Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is the greatest painting of all time; however, some people think that it’s too small and basic. It all depends on you. So, find the inner confidence to express yourself through visual art and you might find that it works well for you.

*By: Tom Malone
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