Trailfoody: A New Path For Adventure Food Subscription

Tom Malone/Adventure Tribune

Disclaimer: Sea To Summit provided us with gear to sample; however, all opinions and experiences are our own.

Recently, Adventure Tribune crew members had the opportunity to travel into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and snowboard/ski for an entire weekend. From first to last chair, we shredded down the mountain with all of the energy we had.

Thankfully, we brought our Trailfoody pack with us on our adventure. Around 11:00 a.m., we began to tire; our legs burned and our energy ran low. We dug into our pockets and each ate a convenient, nutritious snack to propel us through a few more hours of mountain time.

What is Trailfoody?

Trailfoody is a food subscriptions service that gives outdoor enthusiasts plenty of healthy options for a full day of adventure: energy bars, dried fruit, beef jerky, mixed nuts, etc. Each month, Trailfoody sends its subscribers a conveniently packaged assortment of quick snacks that are perfect for any type of outdoor adventure.

“The idea for Trailfoody came from two passions of mine: the outdoors and tasting interesting, new foods,” says Blair Garland, Founder of Trailfoody. “There are many companies focusing on overnight dehydrated meals for backpacking, but, really, people spent more time doing day trips.”

At The Adventure Tribune, we agree with these sentiments; though we aim to embark on multi-day backpacking adventures as often as possible, we find ourselves going on day trips much more often. On these day trips, we need quick, healthy snacks to maximize our adventure time.

Trailfoody Options

As an adventurer himself, Garland understands the types of snacks that full-day adventurers need. Trailfoody focuses on quick snacks that can fit easily into a day pack, while still providing healthy, natural energy to fuel the adventurer.

“I realized I was spending way too much time getting food ready for day trips,” Garland says. “Peanut butter and jelly is fine when you’re a kid, but it doesn’t really get the job done where there’s physical activity.”

The company offers three different food subscription delivery options. The Wanderer fuels one to two outings per month (budget for a full day plus another small excursion). The Pathfinder provides quick snacks for three full-day outings each month. The Intrepid powers four full-day adventures per month (or two full-day adventures for two people).

Want to Try Trailfoody?

The Adventure Tribune crew can attest to the quality and convenience of our first pack from Trailfoody. If you’re interested in exploring your adventure food subscription options, visit to learn more.


Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune and author of adventure novels, like Across Americana. He is based in Denver, Colorado, where he adventures through the Rocky Mountains while not traveling abroad.
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