Key to Success - Sleep Enough (But Not Too Much)

Scott Rousseau
Another key to success that comes through daily habit revolves around sleep. When we sleep enough during the night, we’re ready to conquer our daily tasks; however, when we fail to sleep enough, our daily routine seems to drag on unbearably.

Doctors recommend that adult humans receive about seven hours of sleep per night (on the low end). Teenagers need more because they’re constantly growing, which takes energy that is recuperated through sleep.

When we sleep too much, though, we feel sluggish the following day. When we sleep our entire day away, we feel the need to sleep more. Plus, we lose out on precious hours in our day that we could have used to accomplish goals.

Sleeping for seven hours is different than being in bed for seven hours. Our body needs hours of quality sleep, which occurs when our body finds is Rapid Eye Movement (REM) cycles.

We can improve our sleep quality by avoiding light from smartphones and television before we fall asleep. This tricks our brain into thinking that it’s still daylight, so it takes longer for our body to shut down. Also, blocking as much light from our room as we can will improve our sleep quality throughout the night because our body recognizes that it’s still dark.

If you wake up to natural sunlight that comes through your window, you’ll wake up naturally and feel refreshed, ready to enjoy your day.

*By: Tom Malone
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