Large Pocket Towel from Sea To Summit Gives Travelers A Compact, Effective Necessity

Tom Malone/Adventure Tribune
Disclaimer: Sea To Summit provided us with gear to sample; however, all opinions and experiences are our own.

This summer, The Adventure Tribune crew will travel to Peru, where we’ll backpack for five days through the Andes Mountains until we reach Machu Picchu. Then, we’ll venture into the Peruvian desert in search of the World Cup of Sandboarding in the small oasis town of Huacachina.

In an effort to minimize the weight we carry without sacrificing comfort and necessity, I decided to test out a new product prior to our departure just to ensure that it worked.

While at a cabin in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, I used Sea To Summit’s Large Pocket Towel. It worked better than I could have anticipated. It dried me instantly, and with a simple wring-out, it dried quickly.


This pocket towel is built for lightweight, efficient travel. I used (and will continue to use) the Large size, which compacts to 6 x 3.5 inches and weighs a mere 3.9 ounces. It unfolds to 24 x 48 inches, which allows plenty of surface area.


Microfibres within the towel absorb water efficiently (three times their weight in water), which makes this towel ideal for any water situation.

The case that the towel packs into features small vents that allow it to continue to dry even while packed, though one or two wring-outs should do the job.

A hanging loop is attached to the corner of the towel itself, which is perfect for hostel showers (where you don’t want your towel touching the ground).

Sea To Summit makes three more towel sizes of the same caliber: Small (16 x 32 inches and 2.1 ounces), Medium (20 x 40 inches, 2.8 ounces), and Extra Large (30 x 60 inches, 6.7 ounces).

Check It Out For Yourself

To try this efficient, compact, lightweight towel for yourself, visit their website at While you’re there, be sure to check out their other Traveling Light products to enhance your backpacking efficiency.

Photo Evidence

Tom Malone/Adventure Tribune
The compacted Large Pocket Towel compared to your average cotton towel.

Tom Malone/Adventure Tribune
The Large Pocket Towel completely unfolds into a comfortable, effective, microfibre towel.


Tom Malone is the Editor-In-Chief of The Adventure Tribune and author of adventure novels, like Across Americana. He is based in Denver, Colorado, where he adventures through the Rocky Mountains while not traveling abroad.
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