Learn From The Mistakes Of Other Adventurers

True wisdom comes from life experiences and learning from your mistakes, but wisdom can come from the analysis of other people’s mistakes as well.

For example, if someone walked down a particular alleyway and was robbed, you would learn from their mistake and avoid that alleyway.

When we analyze the mistakes of other people (famous or personal acquaintances), we often put ourselves in their situation. We say things like, “This is what they should have done,” or, “This is what I would have done.”

This process of analysis can lead to your own wisdom. When you analyze the mistakes of other people, you subconsciously tell yourself how to act when a similar situation arises in your own life. Since someone else acted in that situation first, you’ll be prepared to act in a manner according to your person moral compass.

With the confidence to act in certain situations, you’ll find yourself growing toward wisdom through experience, even if that experience isn’t your own.

By: Tom Malone
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